Larry Tingley

My Background



I have always been interested in computers and art, so I decide to get into photoshop artistry.

My work background was Analysis, Marketing, Sales or Administration. I was frustrated, there was no artistic expression. I knew there must be a better path for me. 

Years went by. Luckily, I saw a demonstration at the National Automobile Museum where classic cars were hand painted using a computer and Corel Painter software. I was fascinated and signed up with a renowned Painter Master’s online course. After year of studied and adding more internationally recognized professional instructors I built talents in Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator.  But it was still a hobby.

It took a lot to overcome the requirements of work and family. The moment of truth was in October 2013. I was volunteering at the National Guard Halloween Event. I had the thought of going back to my employer the next day. Working for someone else who control my time, control my efforts and controlled my progress. I decided then and there to quit working for a paycheck.  I became a Freelance Artist.

My Proficiency



My proficiencies are:

· Photo Artist 

o Composition, retouching, image correcting and manipulation

o Creating complex layer structures and effects, smart objects and non-destructive editing 

o Preparing photographs for web, e-mail, advertising and print 

· Publications: 

o Logos, magazines, posters, signs, product packaging, social media, journals, announcements, business cards, brochures, corporate reports, catalogs

o Publish a magazine, photo books, interactive PDF’s and newsletters 

· Art dealer selling works of art online and in a gallery

· Photographer: landscape, architecture and portraits

I am expert or proficient with all necessary software: Photoshop, Corel Painter, NIK, On-one, Lightroom, Outlook, Excel, Word, and Access. I have a working knowledge of InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Illustrator. I am expert with PC, Epson Printers and Wacom Tablet t and have my own professional studio (located in Reno, Nv) with custom build computer, printers, scanner, Canon 5Ds, with all lens, lighting and equipment. 

Education: BS, Business Administration, CSULA

My Portfolio:


Art Dealer & Marketing Consultant


 I represent up to ten artists at a time and have relationships with collectors, Interior Designers and Commercial buyers whose interests match the work of the represented artists. We can also provide custom work coordinating colors together to create a stylish scheme on the interior architecture of the space for both commercial and residential clients. 


Marketing Consultation Core Requirements of all steps – Attitude, Intention, Attention.

Attitude – 

Successful people do those things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. The “build it and they will come” and “junk-bond” attitudes of the past didn’t work.

Intention – 

Five reasons Why someone should buy the product. 

Over come their natural hesitancy of no money, no worry, no time and no confidence.

Attention – 


Implementation scenario. 

Build a new product

Capture a new market 

Develop a new territory.